Resume — Thomas C. Larson

Functional summary Analytical. Planner. Information organizer and presenter. Team builder and coach. Dialog facilitator. Financial analysis & Management accounting. Needs-satis­faction marketer. Creative solution provider. Diligent with detail and process. Experienced, technically-capable developer of solutions into fruition.
Employment Jan ‘14 to present     Self-employed                                                              Jacksonville FL

Energy Advisor / Climate Change Issues Advocate

·   Consulting:   Sierra Club national campaign technical consultant / Local community projects participant.

Sep ‘07 to present    Self-employed                                                              Jacksonville FL

Finance, Accounting, Administration, Marketing & Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

·   Consulting:   local enviro-law institute, land trust, public parks and river advocacy groups.

July ’08 to Jan. ‘14  Southern Alliance for Clean Energy                                 Jacksonville FL

Florida Energy Policy Manager                                                                                   HQ: Knoxville TN

·   Fostering clean energy development with legislators, gov’t officials, utilities, business and other stakeholders.

·   Focus: industry & government policy responses to Florida & region needs for energy efficiency & renewable energy.

·   Active in FPSC energy efficiency processes with 7 major utilities: Financial and technical analysis and reporting.

·   Strong player in group processes—consensus builder while contributing to careful and critical analysis and reporting

1996-2007              Landstar System                                 Charlotte NC and Jacksonville FL

Vice President – Marketing & Planning / Business Development

·   Part of leadership team that grew a struggling $10MM firm to a $750MM success; part of a nationwide company.

·   Key player in Florida and national disaster response logistics 1998-2006   (including Hurricane Katrina).

·   Information Systems: drove early and continuing web-based innovations; managed and developed IS staff.

·   Strong customer-oriented business model, grounded in developing entrepreneurship with independent agencies.

Director                Roadway Global Air – Pricing/Costing/Marketing Services  Indianapolis IN

·   Marketing and financial analysis and planning, worldwide business. Goal setting, pricing, systems. Staff up to 33.

Manager              American Airlines – Financial Systems analyst, then mgr. Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Cargo Revenue Mgmt. & Pricing Dev. U.S. & international scope. Staff: up to 24.

Manager              H. J. Wilson Co. – Financial Systems                          Baton Rouge LA
Education MBA – Management, Finance & Accounting; Marketing and planning interests; Intramural sports.

University of Chicago                                                          Chicago IL

BA – Public Administration; Political science award; Active in student gov’t and outdoor activities.

Miami University                                                               Oxford OH

Volunteer experience 2004-present            JEA Clean Power Stakeholders Committee                       Jacksonville FL

Member; Fostering clean air emissions, alternative fuels, energy-efficiency and reliable electric power in region.

2011-present            North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition                                Jacksonville FL

Member, Board of Directors; Fostering alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles in region.

2003-present            Sierra Club (28,000± Florida members)                                   Jacksonville FL

Conservation Chair – Sierra Club Florida (Treasurer since 2008; chapter Executive Com 2008-2014);

ExecCom – Northeast Florida Group; Florida Campaigner – Energy / Climate / Land Use

·   Conduct campaigns for community education, outdoor recreation, habitat conservation, and air and water quality protection, including research, political, legal and public participation elements. Focus: climate and resource use.

2008-present            North Florida Land Trust                                              Jacksonville FL

Member, Board of Directors; Treasurer (2014) & Land Conservation & Stewardship Com.

·   Fostering local critical land & habitat acquisition.

2009-2011              Florida Building Commission                                         Tallahassee FL

Member, 2010 Energy Code Workgroup (Advisors to FBC Executive Director & Energy TAC)

·   Active participant in statewide dialog among stakeholders and specialists. Active in lobbying for energy efficiency.

2007-2008              Florida Energy Commission                                           Tallahassee FL

Member, Climate Change Advisory Group / Advisor to Transportation Committee

·   Active participant in statewide dialog among stakeholders and scientists. Active in lobbying for Florida Energy Bill.

Active in civic/com­munity dialog; foster collaboration with kindred groups; Lecture at colleges/schools, garden and civic clubs, government and business group meetings. Develop and conduct training programs. Testify before City Councils, County Commissions and state boards; work with government and corporate officials and staff. Recurring contact with media. Develop new volunteers and funding. Long-time student of meteorology, climate, economics, energy, urban form, logistics and transportation, engineering, home building, ecology, public utility regulation, and environmental and political science.